Thursday, January 31, 2008

Roll Over

I've found my wheelset!
Wait ... Before you let the $5,995 price put you off, please note: It includes not only the skewers, but also a wheel bag.
Plus, the 850-gram wheelset weight is GUARANTEED! (says so in all caps right there on the website). If some Vegas hillbilly from Lew's 12,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, top-secret Defense Department certified plant ships me 864-gram wheelset and laughs about it over a beer with his buddies, Paul Lew will not let him get away with it.
But the pluses don't end there. If I buy, I will be able to visit the Lew message boards without feeling like an unwashed interloper, a mere weekend renter in the Hamptons.
There on those boards I can find such treasures as:
* Reviews from real authorities, such as the guy who claims to "own several high end sets of wheels. Including Zipp 404's, Zipp 606's, X-treme Nano Elites, Mavic Ksyrium ES's & SL's, Easton Orion 2's, Reynolds KOM's, Zipp CSC Clinchers, American Classic 350's & 420's, & Easton Tempest 2 Carbon Tubulars." You will not believe this, but the reviews on the company-controlled website are all good!
* Two (not one) "Show Me Your Bike" threads and get the answers to important questions, like whether the Tufo tape will hurt the carbon. (Dude: You bought $6K wheels and you're going to run the tubular-tire equivalent of Wrangler jeans on them?)
* A fine gent who posted a suggestion for a new product line for Lew that has to do with fishing rods.
Try getting that kind of stuff with your pair of Neuvations.
Gotta go now. I'm trying to reach Lew to see if they have 16-inch wheels for my daughter's bike.

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GB said...

You forgot to mention the best advertizin' in da bizniz!