Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NVGP Wrapup (maybe)

Found some cool footage of the Nature Valley GP on YouTube (of course).

Here's Brooke Miller's win, and some more:

Try climbing this shit 18 times. And this is only one of two leg-breaking climbs in the last stage of the NVGP, a crit at Stillwater, Minn., that most of the field never finishes.

Here's the other Stillwater ramp:

Ignore the bimbo as you watch this next one. Instead, look at the hill and think about what Ben Jacques-Maynes said -- words to the effect of "I took a chance and left it in the big ring." The big ring? Jeez. I'd need a big ring on the back -- a 53T -- to climb this beast.

Finally, here's some footage from the NVGP a few years back that underscores why losers like me should never quit the race -- any race:

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cyclonecross said...

Wow - thanks for posting this!

since some of us couldn't be there ;)