Monday, June 2, 2008

Look out for the ...

JimmyNick takes out the frustrations of his crappy season on the rest of the Cat 4 peloton. The dopers are at left.

Actually, this picture is exactly what it looks like. Happened in Matamoros, Mexico (just across the border from Brownsville, Texas, for those of us with Catholic-school geographical skills) on Sunday morning. It seems driver Jesse Campos, 29, was high on coke. But that never caused any of my coke-abusing friends -- there were a lot of them many years ago -- to drive into a curb, let alone a field of bike racers. Something else is going on ...

By the way: I heard a Summit Freewheelers rider tried to attack the field just after the photo.

Lo siento. Solo un chiste, amigo.

- JN

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GB said...

Looking at that photo, I think it's fortunate only one person was killed. One of the TV stations in Texas had a couple of segments on the accident. It sounds like it was a large organized ride and not a race.