Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Let's Play Hide 'n' Seek 2.0!

So I've been "tagged."
If you can scroll down to the bottom of my last post without getting carpal tunnel syndrome or narcolepsy, you'll see that my techie friend Cyclonecross -- a.k.a. Gary -- summoned an uncharacteristic bit of cleverness in his comments and then told me I've been tagged. I'm it, as it were. I must not have been on base.
Now, the more I get to know Gary, the more I like him. (I would not like him at all if he drove a fire truck, because my house would burn to smoldering cinders before he arrived ... verrrrry slowwwwwly, but getting pretty goddamn good mileage! The trick to saving my house would be to get another fire engine to pass him on the way, in which case Gary would probably get scary; he once lit into a 500-yard sprint to humiliate some dork in a Nashbar jersey because dude had the nerve to pass us with a little too much vigor -- on a freaking charity ride).
But Gary has his quirks. He actually likes math, HTML and algorithms, whatever they are. He speaks Web 2.0. He apparently does not share my belief that so-called "social media" are for people who would rather sit at a keyboard and pretend to socialize than to actually meet people.
In other words, Gary lives in the 21st century and I'm in the past, circa 1986. He is Crocs covered in Jibbitz; I am Earth Shoes sandals with brown over-the-calf socks. He has digital cable with Versus; I have rabbit ears and know there's a difference between UHF and VHF. He downloads his porn; I drive to the "adult bookstore" wearing a fake Dave Zabriskie moustache and sunglasses.
The gap between our eras is great enough that we probably need a Ouiji board to communicate -- but he would want a digital interactive Ouiji 2.0 app. That would, of course, mean we would need an IT consultant on standby in order to play, because Ouiji 2.0 doesn't run well with Vista. Which is why Gary always has job security and my job may soon involve the phrase, "Do you want fries with that?"
Fortunately, Gary gave me explicit instructions about how to respond to being "tagged." I have to post six random things about myself, then tag six other bloggers, then post something on his Cyclonecross blog.
Before recess ends, apparently.
Then we all have to line up for Bathroom 2.0. I pity the kid who has to use the stall after me.
So ...
I might not know six bloggers (see above). But here are six things:
1) I am sort of looking for a job. Unfortunately for me, the industry sectors I'm exploring are completely obsessed with social media and the ways that opportunistic exploiters will be able to use Facebook and LinkedIn and WhatNot to drain our pocketbooks. I find those to be about as useless as American Idol (and by now, they're probably sooo last year). Therefore, this "tagging" indulgence in that Web 2.0 playpen is kind of an education for me -- case study. And it may be tax-deductible.
2) I keep this blog semi-anonymous, largely because of #1 above. I'd rather it didn't pop up on the Google search done by a prudish job-candidate-screening HR person who takes umbrage to musings that celebrate shooting pigeons; include cruel, underhanded attacks on other people's appearance; and reveal my Rainman tendancies. The Senior VP for Really Cool Jobs at MyPerfectCompany would be uber-hip, and thus would be a cyclist, and she may stumble across my churlishness during a backgrounder and yank the $250K/yr. job offer off the table because she doesn't appreciate me openly deriding things other cyclists consider sacred (examples 1, 2 and 3, to cite but a few).
Those are the traits that actually define me as a person and prospective employee, but I'd rather dupe people into thinking I'm a dynamic, team-oriented self-starter who's proficient in Web 2.0 and social media, busily working on the next killer app. For those things, I'll create another blog and steal all the great content from other people's sites -- just like Google, MSN and Yahoo do!
3) I thought my dog, Molly, was close to being a goner until I started giving her glucosamine and chondroitin. It was as if I'd begun injecting her with HGH (or would that be DGH?). Maybe it was the glucosamine. Or maybe was happily rolling in some deer shit recently and accidentally tumbled into the canine fountain of youth.
4) I have the best kids in the world -- two beautiful little girls -- along with an attractive and wonderful wife. I keep them out of all of this, though. In part it's so I don't reflect on them in the same embarrassing ways I do in real life. But mainly it's because my years of closely observing the criminal-justice system gave me a sickening insight that the rest of you with little kids ought to understand: Far, far more perverts than you actually realize troll the Internet looking for pictures of little kids and ways to "meet" them. What you've read isn't paranoid hype; it is understatement. Another reason for semi-anonymity in the blogosphere.
5) I'm obsessive. Every few years, I find or rediscover something I love and I throw myself into it with stunning, sometimes almost self-destructive passion. Then I try to learn everything there is about it and spend absolutely obscene sums of money pursuing my new hobby. Those obsessions in the last 15 years have included home brewing, cooking, wine and softball (up to 6 games a week, six months a year, plus 3 hours per week in the batting cages during winter). I still cook -- pretty well -- but I no longer brew. I don't even drink. I gave up softball the week my older girl was born -- involuntarily at first, but I don't miss it.
6) I wish I'd begun bike racing sooner instead of waiting until I was 43. But then, I may have burned out on it by now. Or I'd be crippled.

As for those I've tagged, here's the list: Jodi, Matt, Ray, Russ, Dave and a blogger I don't know but whom I admire, Aki.
- JN


ds said...

Earth shoes??

cyclonecross said...

I've got a pair; they're actually pretty comfy.

JN- thanks for filling in the mysteries behind the enigma of my twisted life.


cyclonecross said...

BTW- If I drove a firetruck and had flashing lights and sirens, I would have NO PROBLEM exceeding the speed limit, running red lights or stop signs, passing over the double yellow, etc. However, since I drive a normal vehicle like all other non-public servants on the roadways, I choose to obey traffic laws. I think it's rather hypocritical to expect motorists to obey traffic laws when I'm riding my bike, but to not obey those traffic laws while I'm behind the wheel. Lead by example.

JimmyNick said...

Gary: Just adjust your expectations to reality. In contrast to you, I do not expect motorists to obey traffic laws when I'm on my bike. I expect them to break traffic laws. So I ride accordingly. And then I can drive illegally, without being burdened unduly by guilt.

- JN

cyclonecross said...

Ok, maybe 'expect' wasn't the term I should have used. I prefer, want, and wish motorists would obey traffic laws both when I ride and when I drive. If you look at the number of traffic fatalities and other casualties, speed and traffic violations play a huge role.

I used to think that it was dumb when I took a free health risk assessment and they asked questions about how often I drive in excess of 5mph over the speed limit. However, I've made a load of changes since then (losing weight, wearing sunscreen, slowing down, trying to reduce my stress). I've improved more in some ways than others, but there's plenty of room to grow.

JimmyNick said...

GB: I hope you see my tongue in my cheek as I bust your chops.
We're on the same side. I just happen to be driving a wee bit faster.

cyclonecross said...

Between you and Donny, I guess I'll learn what tongue in cheek is eventually...

ueberdiebruecke said...

I've said this before to Tris, and I think I'll write something about it: racers are an obsessive lot. To be any good I think you have to be. If we weren't obsessive about this, it would be about something else. And often is ALSO about something else. e.g.,...

I was also heavily into homebrewing for a while (making all-grain brews ... not of that extract crap). Was into dog training; studied piano; learned German. Oh yeah, wine. That's going on now.

I figure though ... riding & racing has been the one constant. And it has kept me from getting a homebrew-gut.