Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mo Respek

Since today's earlier post: Trust But Verify has updated its website -- and mine.

Regarding the latter, TBV insists its dad can't beat up mine. I find that pretty hard to believe, because (a) my dad died in 1994 and hardly has any fight left in him; and (b) TBV's dad has allegedly done stints in prisons in California and Pennsylvania for a string of offenses that included pedagogy -- with young students!! (You think that's sick? He supposedly committed nepotism with his own relatives!)

Or so I'm told ...

Regarding the former: TBV alerted me and literally several other readers that full results for the Cohutta 100-mile MTB race are now available. Local boy Shawn Adams of Lake Effect did finish 8th at Cuhotta, but Ross Clark (Solon Cycles) slightly overestimated his place in the field. I trusted but did not verify his estimate on Solon Cycles' website that he finished in the Top 25. He actually finished 29th out of 130 -- 5 min., 9 sec. behind Floyd Landis. Pretty damn impressive by any standard. In between was local legend Ernie Marenchen at No. 11.

- JN
... You say Cohutta, I say Cuhotta. Let's call the whole thing off.

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Next you'll be calling me a filthy pragmatist!

I think you've proven that neither of our dads can beat up yours, so I shall have to settle for taunting you on the internet.