Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Eventually I'll post again. Right now I'm too busy, and everyone who reads this blog can see that it is obviously low on the priority list.
But Monday's roundup on the Trust But Verify blog (which can have one hand tied behind its back and still draw more readers than this one, and is probably written by guys whose dads could beat up my dad) called my attention to the fact that at least two local guys did pretty well in last weekend's Cohutta 100 race.
(Fellow roadies: That's a mountain-bike race in a place called Tennessee. And it's really hard, I guess. And no one but a small cadre of MTB riders gives a shit most of the time, except that this year, Floyd Landis entered. That apparently caused a shitstorm of controversy, which makes the race something like a ProTour race. But because Floyd was there, folks like me who have never heard of Cohutta or Tennessee now know that the race is 100 miles of serious ball-busting pain with -- supposedly -- a 2-mile climb near the end at 20%. That is so fucking epic that anyone who finishes is a badass worthy of serious respek.)
I haven't looked up official results, but I believe everything I read, and I read on TBV that Shawn Adams of Lake Effect took 8th. TBV didn't restecp the other local guy enough to name him. But it (grammar quickie: blog = singular = it, not "they") linked to the Solon Cycles blog, which implies the mystery man is named Ross Clark.

- JN


strbuk said...

Jimmy, I doubt my dad could beat yours up, and I am not a guy even though I post the updates over on TBV. Thanks for reading.

str said...

My dad is 87, has a replacement hip and a fused spine, and is about 5'-4" these days. He might give you a tongue lashing, though.

For the record, we respekfully listed Sean Adams in 8th in the Saturday roundup. The full results are available now.