Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Uber-Secret Race Strategy


Attn. Cat 4 teammates:

As you know, our racing season begins in earnest this weekend with the opening of the Races at the Lakes series. Many of us are relatively new to racing, and almost all of us are new to team strategy and tactics.

So the first thing we must emphasize is that this discussion of our SBR team tactics and strategy at RATL is top-secret. If our classified and proprietary plan for this race should fall into the hands of a rider from Spin, Stark Velo or Summit/Rainbow Inks, we might as well be riding beach cruisers in this race, because they will blow our plans to smithereens.

So remember the oath you swore at your secret initiation ceremony: If you are caught carrying a laptop computer -- or even a desktop -- that contains this communication, it is your duty as a teammate to eat it.

Having said that, here is the plan for Saturday's Cat 4 race:

where v = Vilevec and x = Burkholder.

As you can see, it is brilliant, if properly executed. Study it. Be prepared to practice it during warmups -- well out of sight of our rivals.

Any questions? Ask Rick. I was a communications major.

- JN


John said...

There it is... finely tuned!

I was seriously thinking I could win a race that required this type of strategy!

Rick said...

oh that the "math dude", Mr. Pie er Pi is involved, john will surely rewrite this!