Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Power to Win at Roubaix

You folks who have the money to train with power -- that is, y'all who don't have kids in or headed to parochial school -- will find this fascinating: Saris posted Martijn Maaskant's Paris-Roubaix power profile (or whatever the hell you technogeeks call it).

Lots of cool charts that look like an EEG from a pedophile at Chuck E. Cheese, in Technicolor. Wild swings that probably tell a deep and meaningful story to the fortunates who speak and read the language of Training Peaks.

Coincidentally, I stole an SRM and installed it on the very same day Maaskant won. By an even more remarkable coincidence, our output numbers were almost identical, except for one detail. You might notice it, but I'd argue it is largely insignificant to anyone but the most anal math major.

Max watts:
HIM: 1,292 ME: 129.2
Average Watts:
HIM: 272 ME: 27.2
Distance covered:
HIM: 256.4 km ME: 25.64 km

You find the coincidences striking? Well, check this one out: Time in saddle was exactly the same for both of us: 6:05:46! Freaks me OUT!

Finally, I'm posting my power chart here.

Well, after a few days of recovery, I might be good for another 15 miles. As long as it's downhill.

- JN

1 comment: said...

Shit, that looks like the kind of profile I get off my power meter. Did you steal mine while I was at the In-n-out?