Monday, March 10, 2008

Back on the road!

It is a happy day!
For the first time in days, I got to ride outside. It was only about 8 miles to work. But it clears my head and lifts my mood. I feel energized.
It also reinforces my conviction that Cleveland drivers are getting more considerate toward cyclists with every passing year. It seems to not matter anymore how crappy the driving gets, or how narrow the semi-plowed lanes are -- people give room, and almost always without begrudging.
One car tooted a horn at me. And he gave me a wide berth as he passed. Not sure why he honked -- he didn't explain himself when I rode up alongside him at the next stoplight.
But I didn't yell at him or glare, either. Not sure what the point is in that.
Consider: Probably a couple hundred cars passed me on my 30-minute commute. One honked. So roughly 99.5% of all the motorists out there shared the road willingly at best, and without complaint at a minimum. That is a pretty darn good rate.
And it's usually even better: The days I even get honked at are few and far between.
Right now, the snow continues to melt and I might stretch the ride home out by 30 or 45 extra minutes. And it'll be in broad daylight!
The cloud has, for now, lifted.

- JN

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MattO said...

Good thing you decided to go to work today. It gave you the opportunity to e-mail with my dad!

Perhaps the driver's honking was his way of letting you know he was there? It doesn't make sense to some cyclists, but I think that's why some of them do it. Just a thought.