Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Am Nothing

1) In the incestuous little circle of bike bloggers in this area, it's usually not necessary to link to another blog, because most of us seem to read the same ones anyway. Having said that, I still want to steer you to this particularly insightful post. My friend Dave nails it, with understated yet razor-sharp wit. Unfortunately, he predicts, and mocks, my excuse for my inevitable shitty season -- that I'm "targeting" the late-season races -- before I ever even got to dust it off. Now I have to think of something new. I'm, uh ... racing in New Zealand next winter and I'm just building base miles now. How's that?

2) The San Fran Chronicle published a story on Friday that, along with its 400+ reader comments, is kind of worth reading, especially for us cyclists. No need for me to rehash it. But I would point out that the comments ought to give us pause. I'm on record as being opposed not only to special infrastructure for bikes but also opposed to the elitist self-righteousness that cyclists spew. Yes, you have the right of way over vehicles overtaking you, and no, you are not obligated to ride in the gutter. But you are nothing more than the driver of a vehicle -- a small and vulnerable one. Don't do stupid shit. Don't antagonize motorists. And above all, don't make me and the rest of the cycling world look like assholes. If everyone who rides a bike would share the road as considerately as possible, the flak we catch from drivers would plummet.

3) One of my anonymous un-fans from Jamestown, N.Y. (coincidentally, home of the pro-Landis/anti-JimmyNick website called Trust But Verify) ripped into me the other day, telling me to "get over [my]self" and adding that I'm "less than noticeable in the 'blogosphere'."
I get the first part, which isn't all that unfair.
But as for the remark on my status in the blogosphere: Is that a compliment or a rip?
Help me out.

4) Looking forward to reading "Roadie: The Misunderstood World of the Bike Racer." That world is particularly misunderstood by people who think I represent it ...

- JN


GB said...

Thanks for the link to the SFC article. Suprisingly enough, the comments weren't as negative as I thought they might be (compared to reactions to a cycling law in Chicago). I've resolved to try to obey all traffic laws while both driving and while riding.


GB said...

Here's a link to a reaction to the article and comments about the Chicago law.

JimmyNick said...

Thanks for sharing this stuff, Gary.