Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm getting kind of used to this crashing stuff. But it's not easy to get used to the bruises -- because they change by the day, almost by the hour.

I wrecked Sunday, in the 2nd turn of the Bull Run Farms Road Race -- thanks to an orange cone that someone left inside the yellow lines just past the apex of our 25-mph turn.

Here's where things stand this evening. They look a lot different than this morning.

This first one was the reason for the ER trip. That shin bump was shaped like a little Great Smoky Mountain. But gravity has pushed most of the blood from that swelling down to my ankle. There's a white stripe in the purple, from the top of my shoe.

Now, here's one that was hardly even noticeable in the hours post-wreck. Evidently, it's where I bashed my inner right thigh on the saddle. Didn't hurt much, and it was mostly just a scrape -- in the yellowish area I'm pointing to. But it must've kept on bleeding internally. Now all that blood has pooled on the bottom of my thigh. Who knows where it'll be tomorrow. China?

Finally, the elbow boo-boo. It's starting to hurt now because it's scabbing over. Should have bought the Johnson & Johnson Advanced Care/Advanced Healing pads:

But hey, I've got two family members in the hospital and another friend whose cancer just reappeared. His doc told him to "get your affairs in order." So I'm not complaining. As just about anyone who races knows, the fun isn't free, and these are part of the price, right? With luck, I'll be at Westlake on Tuesday. I can't have my teammates all doing so well without me there to help, right?

Ride on!


ds said...

Tis just a fleshwound.

I would call you a crybaby, but then I'd have to give all of your fans 23 cent pizzas.

JimmyNick said...

All my fans? That would cost you 23 cents (assuming my wife and two kids split one.)

JV said...

Look kids...Uncle Jimmy has pretty colors on his thigh. I have some Bactine that would on that elbow too. Hopefully, there are no scrapes on your melon...

Mike N. said...

If you're going to put anything on your elbow, put some Bacitracin or Neosporin on it. That will help prevent scar formation, too.

Nice traffic stopping pose, there. Your bruises should get a nice green tinge in a couple days, too. Yay for pretty colors!!

JC Sell said...

Nasty! cool.

Not to change the subject, but has anyone's blog ever been tagged as spam by blogger. For whatever reason, my got shutdown, yesterday. I've appealed to blogger, but I'm wondering how long they will take to fix this?

Any thoughts?

Jodi said...

Damn! Those are some bruises to be proud of. I'll take bruises over road rash any day of the week!

Heal up soon!


MattO said...

Dude, this is going to make me soudn like an asshole, but. . . I'm so glad you were riding behind Gary instead of me. Otherwise, I would have hit that cone! Rest up and feel better!