Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everything is relative

Are you grievously bummed that you got dropped from the break at Westlake? Feeling depressed that you just couldn't hold your wattage on that last interval? Or are you angry, maybe, that your kid's dental bills are keeping you from getting the Zipp wheelset you wanted?
Well, here's a little perspective.

- JN


Anonymous said...

Very good point, we worry about these trivial matters when these parents have suffered an indescribable loss.

We are all miserable wrecks if we can't cope with our daily issues as compared to a lifetime living with the loss of a child in this manner.

Ray Huang said...

I can barely bring myself to even think about the death of children, so I have avoided most of the news about the earthquake for this reason, but I somehow got through this article and I am brought to tears.